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About Jabaliwaisted

Formerly known as Jabali & Co and Love Waisted. Jabali Waisted has joined together to form a company of self-confidence, self-love, and self-care.

Created by Kristen German, Jazzmine Eaton, and Najah Guthrie, we make it our mission to help everyone feel good in their homes and bodies.

We are three hardworking women who know what it’s like to work hard and need comfort and confidence. At Jabali Waisted you can find both without stress or complications.

Carefully selecting quality products is something we’ve made a hobby of and gotten pretty good at. Each waist bead, candle, anklet, or body oil is made with the best products we can find. We are determined to provide our customers with the best.

History Of Our Founding
History Of Our Founding

Jabali Waisted originated from two different companies, Love Waisted (founded by Kristen German and Najah Guthrie) and Jabali and Co. (founded by Najah Guthrie and Jazzmine Eaton).

Love Waisted was originally created out of cofounder Kristen seeking to lose weight and finding something to fill her time after receiving her Master’s in Education. After sharing her idea with Najah, and learning that Najah had actually started making waistbeads, the two decided to join together and found Love Waisted.

Najah also a candle lover had simultaneously started a business with her friend Jaz making candles.

After noticing many cross-connections between the two businesses and vending at multiple pop-up shops together, the three decided to merge the two businesses into one. Henceforth, Jabali Waisted.

History Of Waistbeads
Waistbeads were made popular by the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. Women wore them to represent status, femininity, and as a right of passage. Waistbeads have been known to be worn as early as the 15th century. They were meant to accentuate the waist. Traditional waistbeads are meant to be worn until they fall off. Waistebead placement and colors have varying meanings, and can be used as a reminder of self-love.
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